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Everyone wants to know what to expect in business as well as in life. It's easy to promise, harder to deliver. Our philosophy goes beyond cliche promises and approaches, Quite simply, this is what to expect from Hotel Graphics:

1. A professional representative who will respond promptly to all requests within one business day.

2. An estimate for a project that will be detailed and all-inclusive based on the scope of work requested.

3. A fair price with quality service that will exceed your expectations.

4. Timely delivery as outlined in the estimate, provided all required information and materials for the project(s) have been presented to us on a timely basis.

5. Friendly reminders of project due dates and deadlines that often fall through the cracks while you are trying to do what you do best.... Sell, Market and/or Manage your property and inventory.

6. A complimentary referral to a professional who can help you with a project that may not fit into the scope of work of our company. All work orders will be processed either on-line or over the phone with courtesy, accuracy and attention to detail. All projects will arrive on time as promised (unless subject to acts of God, terrorism and/or any other unforseen natural occurrence).

Our representatives will ask detailed information and offer suggestions as well as respect your input, critiques and commentary. Our Motto, "The client pays for the right to decide on the direction, whatever path it may take..."

Last, but not least, expect to do business with us again. We will earn your business and respect.... that's our job.

Thank you for considering Hotel Graphics, it will be a pleasure to serve you!

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